Monday, March 12, 2012 Austria, filled up with snow

Austria, filled up with snow

In Austria, due to the unusually early snowfall , the ski season can be opened now, much earlier than the official start of the season

early as this weekend in Austria, the temperature is well within the limits of the norm for the month of September. But winter in the Austrian lands came more than once. The temperature in the Tyrol, Salzburg and all over Carinthia fell sharply by 10-15 degrees, and the fallen snow surprised the both tourists and locals.

Least of all prepared for this situation have been traveling the service, so that all motorists had to quickly remember the extreme winter driving skills. Several highways in the mountainous areas of the country and at all were closed because of snow collapsed.

In the federal states in the areas of Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia in the streets is derived snow-clearing equipment. Yes, and local residents to expedite the process of cleaning the snow, we had to pick up a shovel.

On many roads of the country was seen icing, resulting in not without accidents. For example, roads and Hahntennjoch Timmelsjoch were blocked for this reason in the Tyrol . And less than all the luck in the street Grossglockner, which was closed even to pedestrians.

Recently, abnormal weather events are becoming the norm. During the summer there were reports that Italy, Hungary and Greece suffer from an almost African heat on Bolivia heavy snowfall collapsed, and the same to Austria, as well as Slovenia - was covered with hail the size of an egg. So it is possible that such rates, the traditional season for ski resorts will begin immediately at the end of summer.
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