Monday, March 12, 2012 How do I install plugins in wordpress

How do I install plugins in wordpress

In this article we will discuss how to install plugins wordpress. But before that, a few words about Wordpress. To date, wordpress is the most popular engine in the world. And it provides such a popular precisely because of its plug-ins. That is, the software additions that enhance the possibility of WordPress. For this reason the site is made for Wordpress is much easier to promote on the Internet due to its different lotions.

Installing wordpress plugins

And since installed plugins in Wordpress? It's very simple. Go into the admin panel of wordpress. Next, look for the section "plugins". Click on the "Add". There is a point "Search". You can enter the name you want your plug and press "Search Plugin". For example, we want to deliver the best-known plug-in «All in One SEO», which helps to prescribe the necessary meta tags for each article and blog in general. It can be installed in two ways.

The first method of installation

First through the search, ie, in the search box, you type the name of the plugin and you have a list of plugins on the way. You select the desired plug-in, click install. You wrote that the plugin is installed, all you need to activate it. Click on the "activate".

The second way to install

Another way, more complex, but reliable. You visit the manufacturer web page plug-in, swing the archive of the plugin there. Fill up the archive to your server in the folder plugins, unzip it. Then go to the WordPress admin panel, go to the tab "Plugins", "Installed", look for the name of your plugin and click on "activate".

How to work with plugins

As you can see, nothing complicated to install plugins for wordpress not. I would like to add a few words about working with plug-ins. If you update wordpress, be sure to back up this database, and your blog. And be sure to disable all plug-ins. Is also desirable to do before installing another topic. If something is buggy on your site, you may need to disable any plug-in. And finally, a small digression. Trade in physical goods, even on the Internet requires a good office, it can increase the confidence of customers to your business. Lease of office space has long been practiced, and, today, many real estate agencies provide this service. However, it is best to contact the organizations that specialize in the leasing office, they know all the nuances and subtleties of the case, than to conventional real estate agencies. step by step creation of a site .

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