Monday, March 12, 2012 How to install snow on the site

How to install snow on the site
Winter 2012 was rainy and virtually no snow, and yet so eager to see some snow. What you may not be able to see snow in the living, but you can always install it on your site. Snow on the site , as it is to do exactly that will be discussed in this article.

To set the snow on the site, there are several plug-ins. They all have one drawback , is that they create additional load on the server your site . If you need to get on the background of the site present a pure snow, and nothing more, then you can use a special script of snow . To do this, search in google for the snow script engine wordpress. Copy the code and install it in places such as footer.php or index.php or in another file, depending on the script. Then you will not be any load on the site, and, hence, your pages will be much quicker to open. By the way, before you do it all, make sure you have normal internet speed that the channel is currently not loaded. At special sites can measure the speed of Internet connections and make sure that the channel internet at the moment everything is in order.

Wordpress plugin for setting the effect of snow on the site.
In addition to various scripts, there are several plugins that display on the site of the snow or other winter fun. All of them can be found in Google by typing " New plug-ins for WordPress ". To help you to install plug-ins help article: installing WordPress plugins , working with FTP . I will not list what is New plugins for today, but I can say only about one that I am successfully using on your site. It's called WP-Christmas . The peculiarity of this plug-in that in addition to the snow on the website you will have two nice snowman , who will congratulate you with Christmas. Also in options you can specify where to appear snowman on the front or on other pages.
In general, I hope after reading this article, you will already know how to set the snow on your site. And this I say goodbye.
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