Monday, March 12, 2012 In the mountains of snow

In the mountains of snow
Australia a wonderful country, with an extremely interesting nature and wildlife. The climate, the landscape - all different. And if you want new sensations, and you have not seen snow, do not breathe the fresh frosty air, then welcome to the famous ski resort of Perisher.

And anything that is on the calendar on September 1 and the Australian spring come into its own, around a golden acacia blossoms and  pale pink with sweet cherry flavor, fans of winter recreation in for a surprise. In the mountains is a real winter: a snowstorm, huge snowdrifts and a temperature of -3. Over the whole of Australia at this time of year, tourists come to enjoy the winter scenery, skiing, snowboarding or just feel the crunching of snow underfoot. Travel time from Sydney to the resort 5:00. When you go by car, and the window flashed evergreen trees and shrubs, and in the vast pastures of grazing sheep and cows, then take the doubt, and whether the promised snow? But suddenly, for the next turn on the windshield appear first snowflakes, and eyes open panorama of snow-white, and from what you see is breathtaking, and in memory of famous lines pop up, "Frost and the sun - a wonderful day ..." All around laughter, screams, adults with children riding on the tubing, molded snowmen. I grew up in the Far East and I was difficult to surprise snow, but, having collapsed to his knees in the Australian snow, I felt familiar with the childhood delight. Thermophilic Australians struck by his mastery of skiing, snowboarding abilities. most young lovers have been provided by experienced instructors who were engaged all day training them. I can not boast ability to stand on skis, so I went all day and just enjoying the winter fairy tale pictures of evergreen, eucalyptus stripes on the trunks, which, together with moss lying snow, breathed air, drank hot chocolate in the cafe and thought of the long winter evenings in Russia. Come to this snow paradise and you will not regret it. Before closing the season remained a matter of days. L.Vishnevskaya, Sydney

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