Sunday, March 11, 2012 Why is snow on my photos so blue?

Why is snow on my photos so blue?
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about Trey Ratcliff and got stuck in customs

Trey is best known for his site, StuckInCustoms.com, which became the number 1 Travel Photography Blog on the Internet with around 350,000 visits per month, including one from his mother. He is also on Flickr and SmugMug, where his photographs have recently been more than 45 million hits. His work first became popular after he was honored with the first photo HDR, ever hang in the Smithsonian. After that, he was fortunate to be represented by Getty, and was shown on BBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and, as well as had numerous shows around the world.

Snow! Some of us like to see the white stuff falling from the sky, until we have to go through the motion in it. Now imagine not only the children have the day off from school, but you should not go to work! It's time to go play .... Wait for the second .... Why is snow in the blue half of my photos? I do not remember there being a blue snow. Blue snow is because not all of the camera to see things the same way. Our human eyes and brains are still a thousand times better than the average camera on tasks such as HDR, contrast and color correction. For those of us without specific conditions, such as color blindness, we can see the snow in daylight conditions, mostly as snow. The white stuff. In the sun? White. In the shadow? White. Even in the dark of night, usually looks white, colored, if some city lights.

Blue let it snow occurs when the camera is not able to recognize what looks like snow in the shade. Again, different cameras will handle differently and maybe a spot on your camera all the time. But maybe you get a blue snow. I know that from time to time, even with the quality of the camera.

From point and shoot camera, use the "shadow" the white balance if your camera has it. This setting can also be used with DSLR. "Shadow" tells all the cameras of the world, the main theme of the incident came from indirect sources from the sun. This light is about 7500K, while the noon daylight is about 5000K (plus or minus a few hundred K). If the camera is focused on a sunny scene, and then pointed at a shadow, he can not move fast enough. This also happens if the scene is a mixture of shadows and directly illuminated objects.

Keep in mind, even when you do not shoot the snow, it's bluish color TV will be there, but it's not always noticeable, depending on the color in the shade. Something may not seem right, and if there is not a lot of white, blue tint does not show itself as primarily.

Let me show some examples of white balance in the snow shots. I will use the same picture in the first set of examples, white balance adjustment in Photoshop Lightroom. I then drop Blue Saturation in each photo to zero to indicate the degree of color television (click on photos to 1000 pixels high examples). This scene contains very few naturally occurring blue, even the scattered light (the house is not quite white).

First, the original image. ISO 100, 60mm, 1/125sec, f/5.0, Canon 7D, Canon 28mm-300mm lens, taken shortly after sunrise. This is a test shot with white balance set to daylight, in the selected cell (5250K).

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